Accent's Guarantee you got it ... promises

Accent Metal Finishing, Inc. guarantees our coatings to your complete satisfaction. Any discrepancy must be reported within 5 (five) working-days from delivery date. Accent will re-coat your parts without charge.

This guarantee extends only to the company issuing the original Purchase Order and not to any subsequent transferee.

This guarantee is not applicable to any part(s) which have been modified, altered or repaired following the finishing process completed by Accent Metal Finishing. 

Original coating and/or sealers used in our process must not have been compromised in any way following our processes.

This guarantee only applies to the re-coating and/or re-sealing of  parts as  specified on Customer's original purchase order and is limited to the amount charged to the Customer for  services rendered by Accent Metal Finishing. No additional costs will be reimbursed.

Specific coating and handling instructions must have appeared on the original purchase order received by Accent Metal Finishing, Inc.

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