About Accent Metal Finishing an ISO 9001:2000 company

... who

When you look beneath the surface,

you will find the Accent difference...

...the character of our company!

That's the difference that lies "beneath the surface."

Accent's character is based
upon our commitment to excellence in serving you.

Take a closer look - and see the real   difference

Premium Quality...

Quality is our highest priority. Every load is checked after each processing phase and thoroughly inspected upon completion. Several times daily, the solution tanks are chemically tested and evaluated by our laboratory to assure a consistent standard of quality.

Personal Attention...

At Accent, our processes are tailored to meet the exact
properties of your steel and aluminum alloys. Unlike an automated line, our production staff will select the correct processing times and solution temperatures required for your parts. When racking is necessary, parts are gently handled to prevent nicks and scratches.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our reputation for courtesy, professionalism and honesty has kept our customers fully satisfied job after job.
Your questions or concerns are quickly addressed and resolved...We guarantee it!

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